Engage your team with an experienced professional providing real-life stories of inspiration and motivation.

  •  Employee Engagement: How It Can Benefit Your Customer and Business

  •  Policies and Procedures: How They Affect Your Customer and Business

  •  De-Escalation: How to Calm an Angry Customer

  •  Sell That Project: How to Help Your Client be Successful

  •  Believe in Yourself: How a Teacher Taught Me This Lesson

  •  Eye on the Prize: How to Become #1 in Customer Service

  •  and other tales of B2B/B2C Sales and Service


  • Keynote speaker

  • Conference / Seminar speaker

  • Consultation

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The Value and Profitability of Employee Engagement

  • How to De-escalate a Tense Situation

  • How to Relationship Build to Increase Revenue

  • and much more!