Using Real-Life Stories and Experiences to Solve Problems in     Your Medium to Large Retail Business or Restaurant.

40 years in B2C/B2B sales and management positions in retail and hospitality industries. Don is an accomplished relationship builder and problem-solver. 

  • How Engaged Employees Solve More Problems, Build Long Lasting Relationships and Are Great For Business!

  • Improve Customer Experience and Increase Sales.

  • Why "We can only do what we can do." Kills ROI.

  • Grow Entrepreneurs Inside Your Business and Increase Revenue.

"Don O'Connor brought an entire room of business owners to silence while he gave a talk about Business Social Media...Engaging and Dynamic!...Great feedback from exhibitors, your topic was relevant and your approach was perfect..."

Laurie Anne Brennan, The Canadian Networker.

Topics of Discussion:

- Employee Engagement in 2020 and Beyond

- Getting Buy-In From The Top Down - Beliefs/Culture

- Customer Experience is EVERYTHING in 2020

- Employee Sales Training is Lacking - Why?

- ROI, KPI and More Alphabet Soup 

- Your Store is a Showroom - BOPIS

- Order Taking Versus Problem Solving

- Custom Presentations Available

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